Peter Travers: 'The King's Speech' Is One of the Year's Best

Peter Travers heaps praise on The King's Speech, starring Colin Firth as King George VI, the man who unexpectedly became king in 1936 after his brother abdicated to marry an American woman. He must overcome his stutter with the help of an eccentric speech therapist, and the result is "one of the very best movies of the year" that "will be nominated for a billion Oscars."

But it's also Thanksgiving week, and Peter Travers points out that Hollywood has made it a theme week by unleashing a flock of turkeys.

First up is Burlesque, which he calls a "disaster" marred by a weak plot and star Christina Aguilera, who "cannot act." The next turkey is The Next Three Days, which involves Russell Crowe breaking his wife out of prison via a method he saw on YouTube. And the final gobble comes from the Rock's Faster, which sees him getting out of prison to avenge his brother's death. "Where did the Rock find this script, YouTube?," Travers asks.

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