Oscars 2008: The Live Blog

11:40 PMHenry Kissinger: Man on the Go11:45 PM
No Country for Old MenNo Country11:35 PM11:30 PM
Juno. The ex-stripper and phone-sex operator misses the chance to tell the Academy it's fo'shi. OK, she's a first-timer and the weepy acceptance speech is understandable. But can you blame me for wishing she'd just smart-ass this crowd? 11:07 PM11:00 PM10:42 PM
10:20 PMSopranos repeat on A&E. You can't blame me, it's the episode where Tony goes to war with Johnny Sack. 10:00 PMLa Vie en Rose. It's a terrific surprise. And Cotlllard gives a charming acceptance speech about love, life and "angels in the city of Los Angeles." Maybe there are.
9:45 PMEnchanted. Kristen Chenoweth tries to sell the number with relentless perk. I'm not buying it. Why didn't they nominate Eddie Vedder, so he could sing "Guaranteed" from Into the Wild?

9:15 PM: Best Suppoting Actor is Javier Bardem. It had to happen, friendo. His words in Spanish to his mother are particularly touching being directed at his parents, his grandparents and Spain. A class act.

9:35 PM: Best Supporting Actress to — SURPRISE! — Tilda Swinton for Michael Clayton. She looked as shocked as Cate Blanchett, Amy Ryan and Ruby Dee. Saorise Ronan is too young to be too disappointed. Swinton's un-awed speech, no crying for this lady, is a refreshing surprise. Nice that she's giving her award to her American agent who she says looks just like Oscar, buttocks and all. Good joke about how costar Clooney still dressed in his Batman suit on the Clayton set. You want an Oscar shock, you just got it.

8:45 PMEnchanted forced to sing "Happy Working Song" minus all the digital rats and vermin that enlivened the movie. I feel for her all alone out there. 8:30 PMAway From Her by forgetting her husband. Bad Yom Kippur joke on Atonement. Good stuff on possible black or woman President signifying an asteroid attack

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8:10 PM: Regis intros the woman who represents the glory of Hollywood — Miley Cyrus. What she has to do with the Oscar nominated films of 2007 remains a mystery to all but the ratings dudes. Miley is so money.

8:00 PM: It begins with the Red Carpet, a triumph for hair and makeup. Thank God the writers strike is over so we can watch Regis Philbin suck up to the stars. George Clooney manages to look unembarrassed by it all. Sheesh, that guy is good. So far, no star is asked: who are you wearing? Is the world ending? Stay tuned.