"Avatar" Hits No. 1 for the 4th Week! But Can It Top the All-time Box-Office Chart and Does It Deserve To?

The Monday box-office reports are sounding like a broken record. Yes, it's *Avatar* again, the smash hit from James Cameron's blue period scoring a worldwide total after just 24 days in release of $1.3 billion. That makes Avatar the No. 2 movie of all time at the global box-office, topped only by Cameron's other intimate epic, Titanic, which topped out at $1.8 billion. Result: Avatar is gaining fast.

Last week, I asked you to weigh in on Avatar's chances of winning the Best Picture Oscar this year, and whether you think it deserves to win. The response was heated and divided. Most of you enjoyed the movie without thinking it belonged in the Oscar time capsule.

This week, I'm asking if you think Avatar will become the all-time box-office champion, and whether you think it deserves to be. As I said, the global box office record is in Avatar's reach. But here at home, it's moving a tad slower. Avatar grossed $48.5 million this weekend (total so far: $429 million), putting it in seventh place on the all-time domestic box-office chart. Does it have the stamina to keep on truckin'? Take a look at the competition and let me know if you think Avatar can beat it or not. I'd also like to know the movie you think truly deserves to be King of the World.

1. Titanic ($600.8 million)

2. The Dark Knight ($533.3 million)

3. Star Wars ($461.0 million)

4. Shrek 2 ($441.2 million)

5. E.T. ($435.1 million)

6. Star Wars: Episode 1 ($431.1 million)

7. Avatar ($429 million)