Movies Reviews

  • May 1, 2015

    Far From the Madding Crowd

    Carey Mulligan brings life to this adaptation of Thomas Hardy's classic novel

  • April 23, 2015

    The Water Diviner

    Russell Crowe's directorial debut strikes a universal chord about the futility of war

  • April 23, 2015

    Adult Beginners

    A broke yuppie moves in with his sister in this gentle dysfunctional-sibling comedy

  • April 21, 2015

    Avengers: Age of Ultron

    Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk finds fast new company in a Marvel hit that won't quit

  • April 16, 2015

    True Story

    James Franco and Jonah Hill trade in laughs for suspense in this cat-and-mouse drama

  • April 16, 2015


    A ghost comes back to haunt through computer screens in the techno savvy scarefest

  • April 9, 2015

    Clouds of Sils Maria

    Kristen Stewart and Juliette Binoche lock horns in this extraordinary showbiz meta-drama

  • April 9, 2015

    Ex Machina

    An A.I. experiment goes bad in this sci-fi thriller from the '28 Days Later' screenwriter

  • April 2, 2015

    Furious 7

    The car-racing franchise goes out with a bang — and a moving tribute to Paul Walker

  • March 25, 2015


    Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence stumble in this tepid historical drama

  • March 25, 2015

    While We're Young

    A middle-aged New York couple catches the hipsteritis bug in Noah Baumbach's brilliant comedy

  • March 25, 2015

    Get Hard

    Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart try to turn dick jokes into an art form — and end up with a flaccid comedy

  • March 19, 2015


    The sequel to 'Divergent' improves on the original — but not by much

  • March 19, 2015

    The Gunman

    Sean Penn goes the late-act action-star route and ends up shooting blanks

  • March 19, 2015

    Danny Collins

    Al Pacino livens up this tale of an aging rocker with a new lease on life

  • March 11, 2015

    It Follows

    A young woman is pursued by an unstoppable force in the best lo-fi horror film in ages

  • March 11, 2015


    This live-action retelling of the classic fairy tale is fit for a princess

  • March 11, 2015

    The Cobbler

    This toxic Adam Sandler movie about magical shoes is beyond repair

  • March 11, 2015

    Seymour: An Introduction

    Ethan Hawke's doc on a former concert pianist shines a spotlight on a forgotten artist

  • March 5, 2015


    A robot gets rebooted with artificial intelligence in this sci-fi take on nature vs. nuture