Fear of A Black Hat

  • Fear of A Black Hat
  • Rusty Cundieff, Larry B. Scott, Mark Christopher Lawrence
  • Directed by Rusty Cundieff

Envisioned as a rap This Is Spinal Tap, 1994's mockumentary about Niggaz With Hats remains the best hip-hop film of all, taking on obvious targets (misogynist lyrics) and sacred cows (political rap) alike. For N.W.H. leader Ice Cold, played by director-screenwriter Rusty Cundieff, everything is a metaphor. Defending the song "Booty Juice," he digs deep: "On the political tip, all we saying is... we gonna get that ass." The DVD includes commentary from Cundieff, who seems perennially amused at his youthful impudence.

From The Archives Issue 353: October 1, 1981