Darryl Walker, a naive inventor played by Damon Wayans, is an inner-city superhero with no superpowers. He battles baddies in his underwear, using his grandma's housecoat as a cape and anything handy, like an old shoe, as a weapon. David Alan Grier, Wayan's co-star on In Living Color, appears as Darryl's brother, who is forced into service as Blankman's side-kick, known as the Other Guy. Robin Givens is the love interest and the excuse for a series of sex jokes. As a frisky TV skit, it might have been a hoot. As a feature, Blankman is, well, a stretch. You can feel Wayans, who wrote the script with J.F. Lawton (Pretty Woman), straining along with director Mike Binder to keep the comic idea spinning. No luck.