Watch Tom Hanks' Hopeful, Humorous 'A Hologram for the King' Trailer

Based on Dave Eggers' acclaimed novel

Watch Tom Hanks' Hopeful, Humorous 'A Hologram for the King' Trailer
Tom Hanks stars in 'A Hologram for the King,' a film based on Dave Eggers' acclaimed 2012 novel

Tom Hanks is starring in A Hologram for the King, the film adaptation of Dave Eggers' acclaimed 2012 novel. In its first trailer, Hanks' character, the struggling businessman Alan Clay, finds himself at a crossroads while living his American life a la Talking Heads' disillusionment anthem, "Once in a Lifetime." He then decides to embark on a sales trip, and adventure, to a foreign land.

While the clip injects humor as it opens to Clay singing David Byrne's lyrics while scenes that are depicted in the song literally go poof in a plume of pink smoke, it soon turns to Clay traveling to Saudi Arabia for a fresh start. He heads to the country to pitch the king a three dimensional holographic meeting system. While there, he meets a funny driver, who has a love for Chicago (the band, not the city as Clay first thinks), who takes him to the desert for a meeting. Clay soon discovers that doing business there is quite different than in the States.

Love also plays a role in the film. After Clay suffers an anxiety attack, A Saudi woman, played by Sarita Choudhury, cares for him and there's an obvious spark. However, "the big culture clash" as she describes it could thwart their budding romance. A hopeful voiceover is heard, which says, "Sometimes you have to change your scenery to change your life."

"Expect the unexpected," Clay says to close the clip.

A Hologram for the King premieres on April 22nd.