Christopher Abbott Quits 'Girls': Twitter Reacts

No one is happy that Charlie is leaving the show

Allison Williams and Chris Abbott as Marnie and Charlie on 'Girls' Credit: Jojo Whilden

Yesterday, Rolling Stone posted the news that Christopher Abbott, the actor who plays Charlie on Girls, is quitting the show. It prompted a communal response of dread and doom from the Twittersphere. We also saw Facebook users offer their exasperation; the most common response, by far, was "Noooooooooooooooo!"

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We get it. No one saw this coming. He reunited with Marnie in the Season Two finale. He provided much-needed eye-candy on Girls amongst the ubiquitous, cringeworthy awkwardness. How could he be leaving? He reportedly clashed with series creator/star Lena Dunham, and it will be interesting to see how they write his exit into the Girls narrative.

Read on for a taste of the Internet's horrified reactions to the news. Goodbye, Charlie.