'Arrested Development': The Twitter World Reacts

Cast, crew and fans celebrate show's long-awaited return

Jeffrey Tambor and Jason Bateman as George Sr. and Michael Bluth on “Arrested Development.” Credit: Sam Urdank for Netflix

The wait was excruciating, but Arrested Development finally made its triumphant return with 15 brand new episodes premiering all at once on Netflix last Sunday morning. Whether you're binge-watching the show's fourth season while chowing down on a frozen banana and slupring a hefty glass of juice, or savoring each episode while you practice your moves with the Sword of Destiny, you certainly weren't the only one doing a chicken dance for joy this weekend. To help celebrate, we've rounded up tweets of thanks and elation from Arrested Development's cast and crew, as well as some famous members of its eternally devoted fan base like Ricky Gervais, Rashida Jones and Questlove.