'The X Factor' Season Two Awards

Most Awkward Britney Moment: When Fifth Harmony Made the Finals

britney spears x factor
Ray Mickshaw/FOX

If Britney Spears ever goes back and watches this season of The X Factor, she may have some regrets. The girl has really put her best face forward – and by "best," we mean worst. She cringes, she pouts, she gasps, she stares vapidly, and she constantly makes duckface at the camera. But no look was more priceless than the face she made when it was revealed that Fifth Harmony beat out Emblem3 for a spot in the finale. The pop princess doubled her chin, scrunched up her face and comically shifted her eyes in disbelief. Within minutes, the image was plastered all over the Internet alongside catty comments. Clearly, someone was caught off-guard.

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