The Worst Acts of Betrayal on 'Boardwalk Empire'

Get schooled on the HBO series' most treacherous moments before the Season Three premiere on September 16th

Owen Turns a Blind Eye to John McGarrigle's Murder (Season Two, Episode Nine)

Macall B. Polay

His alcohol supply cut off thanks to the Commodore and Jimmy's machinations, Nucky is forced to journey to Belfast to pitch an exchange of machine guns for whiskey to Irish Republican Army leader John McGarrigle. Unfortunately for Nucky, McGarrigle wishes to take steps toward peace, rendering the deal a failure. As Nucky and Owen drive away with another IRA official, Bill Neilan, McGarrigle is shot by his own men. Neilan then agrees to Nucky's weapons-for-whiskey trade, ensuring that Atlantic City remains wet – and that the violence in Ireland continues. While Owen laments the death of his former boss, he disagreed with his decision take the pacifist route, and he admits to Nucky that even though he knew of McGarrigle's fate beforehand, any intervention on his part would have been futile.


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