The Worst Acts of Betrayal on 'Boardwalk Empire'

Get schooled on the HBO series' most treacherous moments before the Season Three premiere on September 16th

Nucky Fingers Arnold Rothstein to the Feds (Season Three, Episode Twelve)


Arnold Rothstein may have class, sophistication and a knack for beating the odds, but the one thing he doesn't have is political connections. The professional gambler effectively destroyed his relationship with Nucky back in episode nine when he refused to help his Atlantic City associate kill Gyp and Joe Masseria. But it's Nucky who wound up having the last laugh in the season finale. After tempting Rothstein with control of the Overholt distillery (previously belonging to Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon) – and succeeding in this deception – Nucky alerts Mellon that a known criminal is now operating his business. In a brief scene, Mellon telephoned Assistant U.S. Attorney Esther Randolph and ordered her to shut down Overholt's operations as well as arrest Rothstein.  

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