The Worst Acts of Betrayal on 'Boardwalk Empire'

Get schooled on the HBO series' most treacherous moments before the Season Three premiere on September 16th

Nucky Blocks New Jersey Sen. Walter Edge's Vice-Presidential Nomination (Season One, Episode Eight)


Politics has always been a dirty game, and no one knows how to play the game better than Nucky Thompson. While in Chicago for the Republican National Convention, Nucky gets wind of the fact that Sen. Edge has gone back on his word to fund new roads to Atlantic City – a business proposition intended to thickly line Nucky's pockets. So he does what any corrupt politician would do: He promises Warren G. Harding's campaign manager, Harry Daugherty, the full support of the New Jersey delegation in exchange for keeping Edge off the ballot. As with all underhanded dealings, Nucky's betrayal bites him in the ass the following season, with Edge blackmailing now-Attorney General Daugherty into hiring a prosecutor in Nucky's election-fraud case who could actually put the county treasurer in prison.

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