The Worst Acts of Betrayal on 'Boardwalk Empire'

Get schooled on the HBO series' most treacherous moments before the Season Three premiere on September 16th

Herman Kaufman Is Discovered as a Spy for Manny Horvitz's Rival Waxey Gordon (Season Two, Episode Six)

Macall B. Polay

One of the more gruesome killings on Boardwalk Empire occurred when Jimmy caught Herman Kaufman double-crossing his associate, Philadelphia butcher Manny Horvitz. After informing Horvitz of Kaufman's deception, Jimmy arrives at the butcher shop to find a new addition to the meat selection strung up by his feet. The kosher Horvitz proclaims Kaufman to be treif (because he's also injured); therefore he is forbidden to carry out the execution himself. Jimmy is awarded the task instead. He initially hesitates, but quickly changes his mind when Horvitz suggests he's squeamish. Tired of Horvitz viewing him as a man without balls, Jimmy deftly slices the traitorous Kaufman's throat, thus putting to rest any doubts that he's someone to be reckoned with.

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