The Women of 'Mad Men'

For these gals, 1968's been a year packed with tumultuous surprises

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Frank Ockenfels/AMC5/13


Loved both of your scenes too, Sally! Well, no, actually – hated your scenes with Grandma Burglar, not exactly Mad Men's proudest moment, though still preferable to another visit from Mustache Glen. This was Sally's most low-profile season, at least until last night. I figured she must have been locked in her room, watching The Man From U.N.C.L.E. reruns or smoking banana peels to Paul Revere and the Raiders records. But Sally was heartbreaking last night as she got her very own revelation about Don Draper, the same revelation young Dick Whitman got about his dad: "A dishonest man lives here."

This changes everything for Sally, especially with so many ominous examples of teen squalor: Lotus, Jackie, Frank Gleason's stoned daughter, the violin girl who ran off to join the hippie commune like on Family Affair. (Who the hell were you anyway, Violin Girl? You weirded us out there for a few hours.) When Sally yells "You make me sick" at Don, she's not alone. Suddenly, the question of whether Sally should go all the way with Mark Lindsay looks like the least of her problems. And whoever left her alone with a copy of Rosemary's Baby? Parent of the decade!

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