The Women of 'Mad Men'

For these gals, 1968's been a year packed with tumultuous surprises

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Anita Olson
Carin Baer/AMC4/13

Anita Olson

Hi, Peggy's sister! As Weird Al would say, we ain't seen you around Burger World lately. (Oh, right – it's 1968, nobody's heard of Weird Al yet. Long story.) So what have you been up to? Oh, just wondering – we haven't checked in with you all season, which means two no-show seasons in a row. In fact, I think the last time you had a scene was that surprise birthday dinner for Peggy a few years ago (remember, the fancy restaurant with the phone. . . sorry. Not a happy memory). But hey, we wonder about you all the time, especially since you, last we heard, were raising Peggy and Pete's secret love child. That kid must be nearly eight now, so how come last night was the first time he's gotten mentioned since the Cuban freaking missile crisis? Isn't your long-smoldering (and very Catholic) rage about having to pay for your sister's mistakes reaching the boiling point by now? Hey, maybe it was you who threw those rocks through Peggy's window. But Mad Men loves surprise returns, and this is one surprise return that should be worth the wait.

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