'The Walking Dead': Biggest Surprises of Season Three, Pt. Two

Plot twists and changes-of-heart marked a strong second half


Morgan Is Alive and Somewhat Unwell and Living in Kings County, GA (Episode 12, 'Clear')

the walking dead
Gene Page/AMC

Rick and Carl's homecoming is sort of strange – the town they left behind is now booby-trapped to the gills, and there's a mysterious gunman shooting at them from the rooftops. Who could this masked man be? My goodness gracious, it's Morgan! Remember him? He and his young son Duane rescued Rick back in the early days of the zombpocalypse, and Rick gifted him with a walkie-talkie so they could keep in touch. But now Morgan lives alone, after his son turned zombie due to a bite from his undead mother. Tough times, Morgan! Morgan covered the walls of his house with strange and incoherent graffiti, and he seems to be suffering from some sort of psychotic break. Rick pleads with him to join the prison gang but Morgan holds fast – his lot in life is to stay in Kings County, keeping the town clear. So he's still alive! But we'll probably never see him again? Although it would be a delight if he returns, because Lennie James is quite possibly the greatest actor on this show.

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