'The Walking Dead': Biggest Surprises of Season Three, Pt. Two

Plot twists and changes-of-heart marked a strong second half

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Michonne Has a Sense of Humor (Episode 12, 'Clear')
Gene Page/AMC9/10

9. Michonne Has a Sense of Humor (Episode 12, 'Clear')

When Rick takes Carl and Michonne on a guns-and-ammo run to his hometown of Kings County, we're shocked to learn that his onetime neighbor Morgan is still alive. But more on that later! What's almost as surprising is that this episode marks the first time we see Michonne speak in full sentences. What's more, it appears she has a pretty awesome sense of humor. Carl is desperate to retrieve a family portrait from a zombie-infested bar, and Michonne insists on helping him do it. When their mission is almost aborted by a horde of ravenous walkers, Michonne slips back inside the bar to grab Carl's cherished photo. She also grabs a hideously garish statue of a cat, because it was "too gorgeous to leave behind." Atta girl! Lighthearted moments in this show are few and far between, but this was a delightful bit of character development for the usually stoic Michonne.

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