'The Voice' Season Two Awards

The best, worst and craziest of the hit singing competition's second season

Best Burn: Christina Aguilera Calls Adam Levine 'A Justin Timberlake Wannabe'

adam levine the voice
Colleen Hayes/NBC

Xtina really leaned into her role as antagonist on this season of The Voice, and it was kind of the best. Whether you agreed with her or not (and I frequently did not), her smack-talking always made for good TV. On the second episode, she cemented a feud with Adam that continued throughout the season, by calling him a wannabe JT. Adam must have rejoiced, however, at the best unintentional burn of the season, when fully grown adult, Jonathus, tells Xtina he's had a crush on her since the fifth grade. Ouch!

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