The Ten Most Cringe-Worthy Moments on 'Girls'


Chris O'Dowd's American Psycho Rant (Episode 8, 'Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too')

5) Chris O'Dowd's American Psycho Rant (Episode #8, 'Weirdos Need Girlfriends Too')
Jojo Whilden

It's a good thing frustrated financial consultant Thomas Jane was played by the charming Chris O’Dowd, or else his desperate, angry diatribe after being rebuffed by Jessa and Marnie ("No more excluding me, Mary Poppins," he shouts. "What are you doing with a bowler hat?") would be so cringe-worthy. Ha ha, just kidding. It's beyond cringe-worthy. New words should have been invented to describe cringing after this episode aired.

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