The Most WTF? Moments of 'Mad Men' Season Six

How Don Draper and co. blew our minds this season

'The Crash'

Davenia McFadden as Grandma Ida Kiernan Shipka as Sally Draper and Mason Vale Cotton as Bobby Draper on Mad Men
Jordin Althaus/AMC

Episode Eight

This episode was so jam-packed with off-the-wall incidents that it has to be given its own placement in the WTF? Moments Hall of Fame. The majority of the characters spent it strung out on a concentrated vitamin cocktail injection that new partner Jim Cutler ordered up to increase productivity. It results in Ken Cosgrove doing a tap dance, a kiss between Stan and Peggy – and Don's drug-induced visions of his even more sordid past. When teenage Dick Whitman caught a cold, the only person who would tend to him was a blond hooker named Aimee Swenson, who then took his virginity once his fever broke. Oh, and there was that whole interaction between Sally and the kooky African-American intruder who tried to pass herself off as "Grandma Ida" before making off with a bunch of valuables.

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