The 10 Most Shocking TV Deaths of 2012

Featuring 'Breaking Bad,' 'Homeland,' 'True Blood' and more

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'The Walking Dead': Lori Grimes Delivers (Season Three, Episode Four)
Gene Page/AMC8/10

8. 'The Walking Dead': Lori Grimes Delivers (Season Three, Episode Four)

Poor Lori Grimes: For two seasons of The Walking Dead, she was at the center of a bizarre love triangle between her husband and his best friend. By Season Three, she was about to give birth in an abandoned prison, supposedly safe from the ever-present zombie threat. Estranged from her husband (due to the whole "who's-the-baby-daddy" issue), detested by her son and predisposed to delivering babies by C-section, Lori was up against some harrowing odds. But she couldn't die, right? No one ever kills off the hero's wife! Unfortunately for Lori, no one is ever safe on The Walking Dead. During a zombie attack, she went into labor far away from the crew's doctor Hershel (and surrogate medic Carol, who practiced C-sections on a rotten zombie corpse). While her son watched, the doctor's daughter sliced into Lori's abdomen without any anesthetic or actual surgical equipment. She stifled her screams to avoid further zombie detection, but eventually succumbed to the pain before getting to meet her newborn daughter. After witnessing his mother's gruesome death, her son put a bullet into her head to prevent her from turning into a zombie.  Lori Grimes walks this world no more.

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