The 10 Most Shocking TV Deaths of 2012

Featuring 'Breaking Bad,' 'Homeland,' 'True Blood' and more


'American Horror Story: Asylum': Adam Levine, Marooned (Season Two, Episode Three)

adam levine american horror story
Michael Yarish/FX

Have you ever wanted to see Adam Levine brutally gunned down after fighting off a masked serial killer, shortly after watching his arm be ripped from its socket by an unseen humanoid monster? Then 2012 was the year for you! Levine's role in the second season of American Horror Story might have been small (and let's be honest; you never thought of him by any name but "Adam Levine"), but the Maroon 5 singer's early death set the delicious, gory, over-the-top tone for this season's installment of the show. Plus, for all we know, he's not actually dead! Ryan Murphy, you beautiful, mad genius you.

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