The Grossest Moments on 'The Walking Dead' Season 3

The gutsiest, grimiest moments this season put on the small screen

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Rick takes a machete to Tomas' head
Gene Page/AMC4/11

4. Rick takes a machete to Tomas' head

Drawing on his sheriff training, Rick tried to rehabilitate the prisoners by teaching them how to slay zombies. He led them through the prison, trying to clear out Cell Block C to give the criminals a safe place to live, far from zombie danger but also far away from the rest of the group. Ignoring Rick's advice, Tomas went rogue and opened the laundry room doors to a horde of zombies. He showed his true colors, shoving a zombie directly on top of Rick and flashing crazy eyes. As Rick and Tomas stand off in a showdown of post-zombpocalypse good versus evil, Rick finally triumphs by slamming his machete directly through Tomas' skull. In The Walking Dead world, it's best to go for the brains, even if your victim is still a human.

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