The Grossest Moments on 'The Walking Dead' Season 3

The gutsiest, grimiest moments this season put on the small screen

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Rick stabs the distended-belly zombie
Greg Nicotero/AMC8/11

8. Rick stabs the distended-belly zombie

In the midst of his psychotic break, Rick goes on a rampage through the prison, slaying zombies willy-nilly. Furious and crazed, he stumbles into room where Lori gave birth. He finds a puddle of blood, but no human remains. He spots a zombie with a swollen, distended-belly, apparently full of Lori parts. The zombie is stuffed to the point of incapacitation because he just consumed an entire human woman. Rick looms over him with his weapon, and it seems like he is just about to deliver Lori's remains via zombie C-section. Instead of cutting open the zombie's belly, Rick plunges his knife into its body over and over again, taking out his fury on the walker's body.

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