The Grossest Moments on 'The Walking Dead' Season 3

The gutsiest, grimiest moments this season put on the small screen

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Lori’s C-section
Gene Page/AMC3/11

3. Lori’s C-section

In "The Killer Within," an unseen villain unlocked the prison gates and set the zombies loose on Rick and the gang. During the next panic-stricken minutes, Lori gets separated from the group along with Maggie and Carl. She goes into labor but very quickly realizes that she won't be able to deliver her baby naturally. Lori commands Maggie to slice into her body, following her original C-section scar as a guide.  No anesthesia, no sterile conditions, no painkillers – Lori stifles her screams to avoid drawing zombie attention until she finally succumbs to the excruciating pain. Her baby daughter survived but Lori did not. Adding insult to injury, her son Carl has to put a bullet into her brain to prevent his mother from turning into a zombie.

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