The 10 Best Zombie Movies

Undead flicks that matter, from 'Night of the Living Dead' to 'Zombieland'

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'Planet Terror' (2007)
©Weinstein Company LLC/Courtesy Everett Collection8/10

8. 'Planet Terror' (2007)

Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror kicked off his and Quentin Tarantino's 2007 two-for-one package, Grindhouse. Tarantino's Death Proof, a babes vs. serial killer epic, won the better reviews. But Rodriguez's take on the zombie genre has its wicked pleasures. Rose McGowan plays Cherry Darling, a Texas pole-dancer whose career takes a hit when zombies gnaw off one of her shapely stems. Actually, these creatures are victims of government chemical experiments led by Bruce Willis, in Army drag, and his henchman (Tarantino), who finds Cherry's lack of a leg no detriment to rape ("Easier access"). The kick is watching Rodriguez try to top himself with stomach-churning stunts. Mission accomplished.

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