The 10 Best Zombie Movies

Undead flicks that matter, from 'Night of the Living Dead' to 'Zombieland'

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'Dead Alive' (1992)
©Trimark/courtesy Everett Collection7/10

7. 'Dead Alive' (1992)

Before New Zealand director Peter Jackson even thought of a hobbit, he cooked up this smashing zombie cheapie about Lionel (Timothy Balme), a mama's boy who freaks out when his take-charge matriarch (Elizabeth Moody) gets infected by a monkey at the Wellington Zoo and goes ape-shit rabid, infecting everyone in sight. Soon there's a zombie army! The blood-spewing hits a gory peak at the end when Lionel goes on a slice-and-dice offensive with a lawnmower. Be on the lookout: Dead Alive has an alternate title, Braindead, in some areas. Whichever way you slice it, you're in for a gross-out treat.

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