The 12 Best Moments From 'Homeland''s Bad Season 2

Plenty of reasons we can't stop caring about this frustrating show

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The Smile
Ronen Akerman/SHOWTIME12/12

The Smile

Episode One: "The Smile"

Who needs a Claire Danes cryface when you can turn that frown upside down? Danes is rightly renowned for her twisted teary-eyed grimaces, and this season had no shortage of world-class examples, such as her breakdown in Brody's office after the murder of federal agents in Gettysburg. She's also got a great "you've gotta be shitting me" look of righteous incredulity, most often thrown in David Estes's direction for obvious reasons. But it was the grin that gave the season premiere its title, appearing in the final shot after Carrie Mathison eluded a Hezbollah pursuer by kneeing him in the balls, that showed how viscerally Carrie responds to her intelligence work, and how good it is for her broken soul to be back in the game.