The 12 Best Moments From 'Homeland''s Bad Season 2

Plenty of reasons we can't stop caring about this frustrating show

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Carrie and Saul on the Rooftop
Ronen Akerman/SHOWTIME11/12

Carrie and Saul on the Rooftop

Episode Two: "Beirut Is Back"

"It fucked me up, Saul, being wrong about Brody. It fucked me up. Because I've never been so sure, or so wrong." Carrie's heartrending admission of failure to her mentor Saul Berenson, on the gorgeously sunlit rooftop of a CIA safehouse in Beirut, neatly sums up how and why Brody's deception destroyed Carrie's confidence and sanity. When she smiles through her tears and says "I was right" at the end of the next episode, it's because of this scene that we know what that really means to her.

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