Superhero Worship: Top 40 Marvel Movie Ideas, Ranked

From smart casting choices to Spidey and X-Men reboots, we rank the decisions that have shaped Marvel's superhero universe, from worst to best

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Making the Hulk a Team Player
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16. Making the Hulk a Team Player

Neither of the two standalone movies starring Marvel's favorite super-monster —Hulk, starring Eric Bana, and The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton — was a satisfying experience. But while writing The Avengers, Joss Whedon realized that the not-so-jolly green giant worked much better as part of an ensemble — the character generated a lot more tension when you thought he could turn on his friends as well as his enemies. There are rumors about a new solo Hulk film to follow the next Avengers installment, but we kind of like him right where he is.

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