World War Z

World War Z
Courtesy Sony PIctures

In Theaters: June 21

Rumors of reshoots, rewrites and production problems have plagued World War Z ever since Marc Forster's $170 million-plus film adaptation of Max Brooks' 2006 novel began filming back in 2011. Screw the toxic buzz. The nerve-frying, addictively exciting WWZ comes ready to rock. It grabs you and squeezes hard – no mercy. The suspense is killer as Brad Pitt, generating mega-watt star power, plays a United Nations troubleshooter out to zap a global zombie invasion. The dead don't walk, they sprint. You can feel the oozing buggers even when you can't see them. Check out that opening attack in Philadelphia. Tension, not gore, fuels this great summer ass-kick. It's everything you want in a blockbuster – smart, shifty, and scary as hell.

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