Risky Business: Every Tom Cruise Film, Ranked

Tom Cruise has been a movie star for more than 30 years now. Let that sink in for a bit. In his annus mirabilis of 1983, he appeared in four movies, starring in three of them, and he seemed to appear fully-formed from the collective id of Reagan's America. Whether he was a working class football star (All the Right Moves) or an entitled dork (Risky Business), he was always Tom Cruise – driven, laser-focused, and upright, even when running a fly-by-night brothel out of his parents' house. That image helped fuel such later successes as Top Gun and Cocktail, but Cruise also smartly complicated it, first in films like Born on the Fourth of July and Rain Man, and later in films like Magnolia and Minority Report. In effect, he figured out a way to continue to be Tom Cruise™ even while expanding his range and appearing in more ambitious films.

We decided it was the right time to revisit his epic filmography and see which movies held up, which didn't, and which ones gained new relevance. Here are Tom Cruise's movies, ranked from worst to best.