Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Pixar Movies

See what movie managed to beat 'Toy Story,' ' Finding Nemo' and 'Inside Out'

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3. 'Finding Nemo'

Animated movies have never been shy about presenting highly traumatic events, like the death of a parent or the separation of a small child from his entire family. Stephen King even calls Bambi the first horror movie he ever saw. Finding Nemo isn't that gruesome, though it does begin with two ocellaris clownfish discovering all but one of their eggs have vanished following a barracuda attack. The lone survivor is named Nemo, and he too disappears when scuba divers scoop him out of the ocean. The rest of the movie is his father's search for Nemo. It captivated children all across the world, earning nearly one billion dollars. Finding Dory, a sequel, hits theaters next summer and is sure to be a massive hit. 

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