Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Pixar Movies

See what movie managed to beat 'Toy Story,' ' Finding Nemo' and 'Inside Out'

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9. 'Cars'

While the story of a lonely old man trying to resist confinement to a nursing home may have seemed like a tough sell to children, a movie about anthropomorphized cars was not. There's something about police cars, ambulances, racing vehicles and fire trucks that mesmerizes little boys, so a movie where they live in their own world was like catnip to them. Cars is about a big-city racing car that finds itself in a small town full of colorful characters. It's sort of like Doc Hollywood in that they teach him about love and the important things in life as he slowly learns to resist the glamor of big city life. Critics weren't blown away, but they really hated the sequel in 2011. That earned some of the most scathing reviews in Pixar history, and their plans to roll out sequels to Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and even another Cars film has raised some eyebrows. 

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