Readers' Poll: 10 Best 'Star Trek' Movies

See what film managed to top 'Star Trek IV: Voyage Home' and 'Star Trek: First Contact'

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6. 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture'

The original Star Trek television show became so popular in syndication in the 1970s that a new cartoon series came onto the air and fan conventions began popping up all over the country. Plans were in place to bring the show back as the backbone of a new Paramount TV network. But when Paramount pulled the plug on the network, Star Trek seemed to die also. And then Star Wars hit theaters and suddenly science fiction was the hottest thing in Hollywood. Paramount gave the green light for a Star Trek movie with a big budget, but the script never really came together. They also forgot to make it fun and exciting. If you ever feel like taking a nap, just put on Star Trek: The Motion Picture. You'll zonk right out. 

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