Readers' Poll: 10 Best 'Star Trek' Movies

See what film managed to top 'Star Trek IV: Voyage Home' and 'Star Trek: First Contact'

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Readers' Poll: 10 Best 'Star Trek' Movies

5. 'Star Trek Beyond'

The first two Star Trek movies in the J.J. Abrams-verse were a lot of fun, but the Enterprise never travelled far from Earth despite the fact they were supposed to be on a five-year mission into unexplored areas. This was fixed in 2016's Star Trek Beyond, in which Kirk and the crew travel to a distant nebula and find themselves stranded on a hostile planet with their ship in pieces. It set the stage for a fast-paced film in which the crew needs to come together to battle a powerful foe that ultimately takes the shape of Idris Elba. Purists complained it felt too much like an action movie, but it still grossed $338 million and guaranteed yet another one. 

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