Oscars 2015’s 20 Best, Worst and WTF Moments

From stirring speeches to truly 'Awesome' musical performances

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Best: Julianne Moore's 'Five Years Younger' Joke
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Best: Julianne Moore's 'Five Years Younger' Joke

Moore, like Meryl Streep, is one of those formidable talents whom you just assume has a closet full of trophies. In fact, this Best Actress statue for Still Alice was her very first Academy win, and like a true pro, she refrained from the hysterics of less-seasoned peers. Instead, Moore mentioned an article she read that claimed Oscar wins add five years to one’s life. This is where she could have dovetailed into the heartfelt discussion of Alzheimer's, but first, she opted for a clever little joke: "If that's true, then I'd really like to thank the Academy, because my husband is younger than me." Her spouse Bart Freundlich might be a decade behind her, but Moore is truly ageless — and she needs to be with us for as long as possible so that she can bring home more of these things.

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