'Mad Men' Season Five's Most Depressing Moments

We run down the season’s lowest – but no less intriguing – points

Grandma Pauline gives Sally a Seconal – Episode Four, 'Mystery Date'

grandma pauline
Michael Yarish/AMC

You’d think Sally Draper would be grinning from ear-to-ear whenever her mom and stepfather go out of town. Not when Grandma Pauline is the babysitter. Henry Francis' mother is such a nightmare that Sally begs to stay with her aloof father, to no avail. Pauline winds up scaring Sally so shitless with her twisted version of the Richard Speck student-nurse-murder story (she paints the nurses as the ones responsible, as they enticed Speck) that the only way to get the girl to relax is to offer her a sleeping pill. Sally passed out cold under the couch is an extremely difficult vision to forget.

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