'Mad Men' Season Five's Most Depressing Moments

We run down the season’s lowest – but no less intriguing – points

Beth Dawes Gets Electro-Shock Therapy – Episode 13, 'The Phantom'

mad men
Michael Yarish/AMC

We’ve watched Pete do some despicable things this season, not the least of which was to spearhead Joan’s effective prostitution to land the Jaguar account. But he still managed to arouse our sympathy when his doomed infatuation with Beth Dawes came to a heart-wrenching conclusion. Beth has been battling depression, and her choice of treatment is electro-shock therapy. Following her most recent round of EST, Pete visits her in the hospital, only to find she no longer recognizes him (or does she?). Still he pours out his soul to Beth, revealing that his love for her made him realize that his life with his family was a "temporary bandage on a permanent wound."

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