'Mad Men' Season Five's Most Depressing Moments

We run down the season’s lowest – but no less intriguing – points

Beth Dawes draws a heart in the foggy car window – Episode Eight, 'Lady Lazarus'

beth dawes
Courtesy of AMC

Pete Campbell's personal life has started to mirror that of a pre-Megan Don, with Pete ditching Trudy for the company of women like Beth Dawes, the wife of his (also-cheating) commuting buddy. Pete becomes obsessed with Beth after their one-time tryst, and even though she voices a desire to keep their affair going, she refuses to follow through, escalating Pete’s despondency. One night, Beth is about to drive home with her husband from the train station, but not before sending Pete a message via her fogged-up car window – a heart – that is quickly erased when she rolls down the window.


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