'Jackass' Gang on Their 12 Most Outrageous Stunts

From penis-breaking backflips to the 'poo-cano,' Johnny Knoxville and friends on the stories behind their craziest moments

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'Wasabi Snooters'

Wee-Man: Steve-O always needed to do something, a look-at-me kind of thing. Alright, why don't you snort wasabi?

Steve-O: It was called "Wasabi Snooters" because that was my affectionate term for any serving of cocaine. And I did a lot of cocaine. It wasn't even a big deal compared to what I was doing to my nose on such a regular basis. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it might. It paid off because I barfed.

Wee-Man: It was funny the way he mushed it up. You could see his eyes burn and everything. He has the weakest stomach — everything makes him throw up. So of course what does he do? Throws it up. You see us all in the back, dying laughing.

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