'Jackass' Gang on Their 12 Most Outrageous Stunts

From penis-breaking backflips to the 'poo-cano,' Johnny Knoxville and friends on the stories behind their craziest moments

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'Poo Cocktail Supreme'

Wee-Man: That was horrible. OK, Steve-O is bungee-ing in a Porta-Potty, but they shot him up like 80 feet.

Steve-O: Originally it was going to be throwing a Porta-Potty off of a bridge. At some point it got switched around to a catapult. I was the guy for the job because I have a fear of roller coasters.

Wee-Man: It was horrible being there. And you can't use human feces, so it's all dog and horse shit, because there’s health rules and regulations against human feces. As soon as that thing launched, it was raining shit everywhere. Production people that were 100 feet away were throwing up. It was a huge mess for this shot.

Steve-O: When you’re filming Jackass, and you're not down for getting paralyzed or killed, or take that chance, you're out of a bunch of stuff. I felt like this was pretty safe. But I could have got hepatitis pretty easy.

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