'Jackass' Gang on Their 12 Most Outrageous Stunts

From penis-breaking backflips to the 'poo-cano,' Johnny Knoxville and friends on the stories behind their craziest moments


England: I ate everything they had in craft services all day long. I hadn't had caffeine in a month, and I drank two giant Red Bull energy drinks. Then, I was slammed under that table ready to go: "Are you guys ready? I'm ready." They're like, "One more thing." Then Chris comes with an enema. I don't need an enema! It was like being raped.

Wee-Man: We all had a different role. There was Preston the chubby guy, Wee-Man the little guy, Steve-O the throwing-up guy, Chris Pontius the good-looking, quiet kind of crazy guy — always something with his weiner. Bam was the crazy dude, Dunn would just pull something off out of the blue, Knoxville was the super insane guy, and Ehren was the runt of the group who we always picked on. And Dave ... Dave was the weirdo.

England: Nobody wanted to stand around it, but [producer] Jeff Tremaine made everyone do it against their will. Look at that blast: It's like three feet high! It got in my mouth. How did that make it into the movie? Isn't that crazy? I didn't believe it would be in there until I was in a real theater where people bought tickets. Here it was, and I got a text from my mom: "I didn't know you could make a volcano out of your butt."

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