Golden Globes 2015's 20 Best and Worst Moments

From the hosts' Bill Cosby impersonations to the heartfelt speeches, here are the highlights (and low points) of everyone's favorite tipsy awards show

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BEST: Prince, Being Prince
Paul Drinkwater/NBC16/20

BEST: Prince, Being Prince

It's a scientifically proven fact that the mere presence of Prince at any place — an awards show, Saturday Night Live, your cousin's bar mitzvah — makes it roughly 250-percent better, and that was certainly true at the Golden Globes. Strutting out onto the stage with either a silver cane or the world's most expensive selfie stick to present the award for Best Original Song, the musical genius sent a wave of electricity throughout the crowd. Famous jaws dropped and movie-star eyes bugged out; both Louis C.K. and Channing Tatum starting loudly whistling. With that psychedelic afro and straight outta Paisley Park get-up, Prince let everybody know that royalty was in the house by doing nothing more than being Prince.

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