Golden Globes 2015's 20 Best and Worst Moments

From the hosts' Bill Cosby impersonations to the heartfelt speeches, here are the highlights (and low points) of everyone's favorite tipsy awards show

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BEST: Michael Keaton's Speech
Paul Drinkwater/NBC9/20

BEST: Michael Keaton's Speech

It's one of the great comeback stories of 2014: Michael Keaton, reminding folks of what they'd been missing, with his lead performance in the poison pen to blockbuster movies known as Birdman. As the Globes differentiate between comedic and dramatic performances — thus sparing the actor from having to go up against the awards-season juggernaut that is The Theory of Everything's Eddie Redmayne — it wasn't a surprise that Keaton nabbed the Best Actor in a Comedy role. What was a little surprising, however, was how passionate and moving his speech was, from his praise of Alejandro Inarritu ("There isn't an actor or actress who won't show up [to your next film]") to tearfully thanking his "best friend," his son. But it was his simple, straightforward declaration of who he is — "My name is Michael John Douglas, I'm from Forest Grove, Pennsylvania" — that just nailed us. For a second, our cynicism about awards season went completely M.I.A.

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