Divine Comedy: 25 Best Stand-Up Specials and Movies

From classic HBO specials to arena-comic concert flicks, these bits continue to crack us up

9. 'Wanda Sykes, I’ma Be Me' (2009)

Best known as Larry David's foil on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sykes is a take-no-prisoners satirist and a social-issues activist — both of which are on display in this blistering 2009 set in which she takes on prejudice ("Reverse racism — isn't that when a racist is nice to somebody else?"), her Washington Correspondents Dinner appearance and Michelle Obama putting floozy interns in a headlock. But Sykes hits her stride in a bit about coming out to her parents as a gay woman: "It's harder being gay than it is being black. I didn't have to come out to my parents as black." The two minutes that follow, in which she pretends to admit that she's African-American to her folks and her mom goes nuts ("I knew I shouldn't have let you watch Soul Train!"), is a career-defining mix of absurdism and sharp double-standards skewering. DF

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