Divine Comedy: 25 Best Stand-Up Specials and Movies

From classic HBO specials to arena-comic concert flicks, these bits continue to crack us up

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16. 'Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic' (2005)

Roger Ebert said of this concert film, which captures Silverman's breakthrough 2005 stand-up set: "I liked everything about it except...the lack of a parent or adult guardian." When you basically start your set with "I was raped by a doctor… which is bittersweet for a Jewish girl," you're bound to make an audience squirm; at that point, why not get into slavery, 9/11, the Holocaust, and every other dinner table taboo topic, right? Any hack can spew vulgarities for a gasp then smile, but Silverman's faux-clueless and inappropriateness is genuinely innovative, especially when she turns it on herself. You're witnessing the exact moment of a comedian finding their voice, and watching as they use it to shock and awe. SC

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