Denzel Washington's Movies Ranked, From Worst to Best

From 'Magnificent Seven' to 'Malcolm X,' we break down every one of the 'Fences' star's greatest (and most WTF) performances

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25. 'Ricochet' (1991)

Holy crap, when was the last time you watched this fever dream? Marketed as just another anonymous cop drama, this Joel Silver production is in truth a bug-nuts, over-the-top extravaganza about crazed killer John Lithgow taking revenge on the hero cop-turned-Assistant-D.A. who put him away. We're talking white supremacist conspiracies, staged murders, doctored sex-tapes, forced-drug-addiction ... the works. Oh, there's also a scene early on where Denzel strips naked to apprehend a perp. Seriously, this is one of the lost cult movies of the 1990s. (Would it have a better our-cup-runneth-over reputation if someone gonzo like Nicolas Cage or Samuel L. Jackson had done it?) Washington strikes the right tone of cocksure bravery as it turns into bewilderment, psychosis, and rage as the movie goes through its many wild twists and turns.

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