Best TV Moments of 2012


Louis C.K. meets Parker Posey

louis ck

Louie, FX

Louie had his share of hideously horrific dates, from Melissa Leo to Chloë Sevigny, this year, but he met his match in his rooftop rendezvous with Parker Posey, who comes on as an even bigger mess than he is. (When your date orders a drink and the bartender tells her, "Not after last time," that might be considered a warning sign.) How many movies have you seen where there's a romantic moment on a roof or balcony? But they never show you the couple schlepping up the stairs (huff, puff, wheeze) or details like how anxious Louie gets when Parker wanders too close to the edge (which is what would totally ruin the night for me). Like everything else on Louie, it was funny, scary, poignant and deeply frustrating in the best possible way.

Quick Jump

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